Lentil Pea (Gluten Free)




Our Lentil Pea Flour is completely non- Allergen and natural, it’s perfect for any dish you wish to add it too. A standard ingredient in Indian cuisine such as Dhal Curry!
• High Source of natural dietary fibre: supports a healthy gut
• High in Lysine (an essential amino acid that our body can’t produce.) Lysine assists in ensuring that the internal organs are functioning properly and this includes ensuring that your body is able to absorb Calcium
• Lowers cholesterol
• 8 grams of high quality, low-fat, all-vegetable protein per ¼ cup
• 10 grams of natural dietary fibre per ¼ cup
Quick tip: Store lentil pea flour in an air tight container after opening in your refrigerator. Great thing about our packages is that they are reseal able.
Substitute 7/8 cup of any or our pea flour for every 1 cup of wheat flour.


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